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 Summer 2013 - free agency, etc...

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PostSubject: Summer 2013 - free agency, etc...   Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:15 pm

Please read this email carefully, i keep getting messages asking for stuff already in emails i've sent... i just won't answer those messages anymore. If it's in the email, and we get "I didnt know"... well too bad for you I guess.

For those who need one or 2 coach(es), you can start bidding on coaches on July 1st (Transactions/coaches). (max $2 mils per season, offers over $2 millions will be deleted and you won't be able to make an offer to the same coach).

Starting July 1st you can start make offer to UFA (Transactions/unrestricted free agents) and RFA (Transactions/ Restricted Free Agents)players (scroll to the bottom to see goaltenders). you can also start making contract extensions offers to your players.

When you go check UFA and RFA, its possible certain players already got an offer, click the second tab (UFAs/RFAs with Offers) 24 hours after the first offer made to a player, you won't be allowed to make an offer so act fast, the player will select the best 3 offers and move to de deciding section (3rd tab) for another 24 hours. If you are among the 3 finalists, you can still edit your offer. Portal will select between offers, 70% for the best offer, 30% for the second oen and 10% for the least best offer.

Remember, all contracts of 2$ mil + per season, players can't be sent to the minors, NHL only.

If you make an offer to a RFA, you need to have the picks accordingly to the chart as a compensation in case his former team does not match your offer.

$1,110 000 or below - None
Over $1,110 000 to $1,700 000 - Third-round choice
Over $1,700 000 to $3,350 000 - Second-round choice
Over $3,350 000 to $5,050 000 - First-round and third-round choice
Over $5,050 000 to $6,700 000 - First-round, second-round and thirdround choice
Over $6,700 000 to $8,400 000 - Two first-round choices, one second- and
one third round choices
Over $8,400 000 - Four 1st round picks

so for example, if you make an offer of $4 million per season to a RFA, you will need one 1st round pick and one 3rd pick in the next 2 draft years. The team owning the player will have 3 (three) days to match the offer. The team acquiring the player will decide what picks are being sent to the other team in case they have several picks available in a specific round.

NOTE on RFAs:Team owning RFA players (who are testing the market on July 1st) can trade them even when they will be receiving offers in July, as soon as the RFA signs an offer sheet, he can't be traded anymore. Team who's trading an RFA testing the market can't make an offer on him. If a RFA player is traded, before accepting the trade, the league will verify with the team who did acquire him to make sure they understand the situation and give them the option to decline it.

- Trades are back on. Remember, if you acquire a UFA player via a transaction, you'll only have 2 attempts to sign him, not 3.

_ You can still buy out contracts but at a full rate (100%).

- You can submit position change by emailing me with the link where we can see the player assigned at that position (it has to be one of the link we have in the league's rules).


New Financial system starts July 1st, this is easy money, if you don't care and don't participate and run through bankruptcy, well we won't care and you'll lose your team. Plain and simple.


-Regular season: submit roster/line up at least once a week (between Sunday 7 PM ET and the
next one): $ 300k (season’s potential: $8.1 M).
-Submit in time team’s awards at the end of the season: $500k
-Vote for the All Star game: $1 M.
-Vote for the league’s awards at the end of the season - $1.5 M.
-Submitting an article on the portal (French or English): $400k. Real article, 2-3 lines won’t
make it ;-). The league pays a maximum of 2 articles per month, up to a maximum of 7 for the


Get ready for the draft and pre-season, remember you need enough players; goaltenders, RW, LW, C and D to form 2 teams... so make sure you have enough players for each positions.

Monday August 26th - 7 PM ET - Rounds 1 and 2
Tuesday August 27th - 7 PM ET - Rounds 3-4-5.

DRAFT IS MANDATORY, you have to be present, or send a list to the league or prepare your list on the draft page.

GMs who have draft picks and who won’t be present to the draft and won’t take dispositions for
the draft (create list, ask somebody else to take care of it for them) will be fined.
First evening (rounds 1 and 2) - $4 M
Second evening (rounds 3-4-5) - $3 M
Of course, a GM who doesn’t have any pick left doesn’t have to show up at the draft.

Members of the new trade committee: Matt (Ducks), John (Van) and Rick (Pho).

6 teams are currently under the trade committee supervision; NJ, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Nashville, Winnipeg and Minnesota. The trade committee is there to protect new GMS and their team so they don't destroy their future and /or giving valued assets for doubtfull prospects/picks/career ahlers..etc

Several transactions were declined during June's first 2 weeks.

all signatures, buyouts, trades, players on waivers, position changes, etc on You will also found some good post with helpful tips.

Email me with any questions you may have,


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Summer 2013 - free agency, etc...
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