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 DRAFT 2013

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PostSubject: DRAFT 2013   Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:07 am

Hey all!

Draft in 4 weeks already!

GMs who have draft picks and who won’t be present to the draft and won’t take dispositions for
the draft (create list, ask commish to take care of it for them) will be fined.

First evening (rounds 1 and 2) - $4 M
Second evening (rounds 3-4-5) - $3 M

Of course, a GM who doesn’t have any pick left doesn’t have to show up at the draft.

Beside the fines, if we feel like a GM just doesn't care about his team, he'll lose it. For example, if you have 4-2nd round picks and you don't show up or create list for that round, don't bother to come back on the following day, that's unacceptable.

Monday August 26th - 7PM ET - ROUNDS 1 and 2
Tuesday August 27th - 7PM ET - ROUNDS 3-4 and 5

5 mins max to pick your player when it's your turn to pick... if you haven't picked in 5 mins, portal picks for you.

Be ready to draft, let's say if you are the 10th in line, GMs before you might draft within a minute, so your turn may come fast. Trades will be allowed during the draft, we'll be back with more details on this just before the draft.

All prospects available for the draft are listed already.

where you have all the letters from A to Z, click on ALL
Then click the arrow right next to the Draft Year column until you get 2013

all players under draft year 2013 are available for the draft

The rating for each prospect is NOT the hockeyfuture rating, it's just a rate based on the 2013 NHL draft order.

Here's the chart

First Round

9B - 4 first picks overall
9C - picks 5 to 10 overall
8B - picks 11 to 15 overall
8C - picks 16 to 20 overall
7B - picks 21 to 25 overall
7C - picks 26 to 30 overall

Other rounds (R)

6B - R2 - 1 to 15
6C - R2 - 16 to 31
5B - R3 - 1 to 15
5C - R3 - 16 to 30
4B - R4 - 1 to 15
4C - R4 - 16 to 30
3B - R5
3C - R6
3D - R7

The draft order is now set up (based on real NHL process) and can be seen here
IF not already selected, click in the drop down menu, select 2013 Entry Draft and click "Change Season".

Compensatory picks have been added, that's why the table is off a bit and you see 2 team names below each table.
(given to GMs taking over a team with no 1st rounder and who missed the playoffs)

This year compensatory pick(s) go to:
31- Flyers
32- Nashville

*These picks can't be traded, players drafted with these picks can't be traded for the next 365 days.

Last column on your right can be used to "create a draft list" when it will be your turn to draft, this button will change for "Draft now".

If you don't plan to trade your picks, you can start now working on your list. You need one list for each one of your pick. You only need a list if you can't be present at the draft.

For each one of your pick, click on CREATE A DRAFT LIST, make your list in order you want it and submit it. So for example, if you pick 23rd, you need 23 names on your list... actually you already have a really good idea let's say of at least 15 names of the players who will get out before your turn, so you don't have to add these name. For example, if you pick 23rd, don't put McKinnon, Jones, Drouin on your list, you know they won't be there when it ll be your turn.

So same thing if you draft 92nd... you already have a good idea of at least the first 60 players who will come out, don't put those players on your list... you don't want to build a 92 name list and even less a 144 name list for the last round. For rounds 3-4-5 on Tuesday, you might want to wait after the end of the draft (rounds 1-2) Monday night so you'll have the list of the first 62 players drafted and you won't have to add them on your list for the following day.

If you are not present for the draft and you have no list (Big No-No), the portal will pick the first name available on the top of the list. The list's order is based on 2 criteria; first by rate (8C, 7B, 6C etc..) and then alphabetical order. So lets say if we are done picking all the players in 8C, then next would be all the players in 7B in alphabetical order.

Email me with your questions... don't wait the day of the draft cause i'll be crazy busy and i WON'T answer questions during the draft as i'll have no time for that.

Thank you,

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DRAFT 2013
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