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 What's coming up - playoffs and summer 2013

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PostSubject: What's coming up - playoffs and summer 2013   Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:39 pm

Hey all,

Already the end of our 2nd season, playoffs are just around the corner and the race is awesome. I want to send this now cause last year several GMs left at the end of the season thinking we wouldn't be active for the next weeks/summer while there's a lot of stuff to do... and when they came back, it was too late for them.

First i want to know now who will be back for season 3 and who won't. So REPLY to this email to let me know. But before you do so, remember we'll now have a financial system also based on GMs' participation and if you're not present, not sending lines, not writing any article, no voting to different events, your team won't make it through... 1 year, 2 max... Bankruptcy and you lose your team. So take this into consideration before sending your answer.

What's coming up...

April 9th - Regular season ends


1- Wins (ROW): Most total wins among the tied teams, EXCLUDING games won in the shootout (If you go to PRO League / Team stats, you can see Regulation wins, OT wins and shootout wins). The standings on the portal won’t necessary reflect this.

2- Head-to-Head Record: Most points in games against each other among the tied teams.

3- Goal Differential: Using the total goals scored during the regular season, the greater positive differential between goals for and against among the tied teams.

April 10-11-12th - We do the switch on the SIM from the regular season to the playoffs. 3 rest days will be given to all players.

Pro and Farm; Select your players for your team awards (Pro Team/Farm Team, Awards, click on “Edit 2012”) – Mandatory, can only be done after the regular season.

April 13th – Playoffs start and vote for the leagues’ trophies begins (one week to vote- Mandatory)

We will sim everyday alternating between East and West. One day off between rounds (3 rest days given).

Playoffs should end around May 15th. Trophy winners will be announced right after the playoffs.

April 29th – NHL Draft Lottery ---- > Same position as in the real NHL. If for example, the 24th position wins it in the NHL, the 24th position in our league wins it. Remember standing on the portal won’t necessary reflect ROW standings (Regulation/Overtime wins) we go accordingly to the ROW standings.

NOTE: New Lottery system ---all 14 teams that miss the playoffs, or the teams that hold the rights to the top 14 picks, will be eligible to win the No. 1 draft pick. The team with the fewest points will have a 25 per cent chance of winning. The non-playoff team with the most points will have a 0.5 per cent chance of winning.

May (last 2 weeks) – Introducing replacement GMs

June 1st

- Trade session re opens for 2 weeks (June 15th)

- You can buy out players at preferential rates (33% / 66% - see league’s rules) till June 30th.

- Last chance to sign your RFA/UFA (June 15th is the last day) To keep your rights on your RFA(s), you need to submit at least one contract offer by June 15th, if you don’t, He/they will be become UFA(s).

Note: careful with you contract offers. Signing bonus will count toward your salary cap. Too many No Trade clauses can tie your hands (Player might accepted to traded after half of the season to specific teams only). You are responsible for all the years on the contract even if a player retires or leave for another league.

June 15th midnight, season 2012-13 officially ends.

June 16th to June 30th

Re rates, new contracts will be applied, you will have to;

- Go over your players, check new rates and report any obvious errors.

- Go over the unrestricted players list (Transactions/Unrestricted Free Agents) and MAKE SURE ONE OR MORE OF YOUR PLAYER(S) ARE NOT IN THE LIST, if it’s the case, report it. Several leagues use the same rerates file, so it happens that players’ names can be spelled differently and when it’s the case 2 different players are created (example; Washington has Alex Ovechkin, rerates file might have him as Alexander Ovechkin, then we would have 2 Ovechkins, one with Washington and one in the UFA database, you are responsible to report your players found in the UFA database.

- Go over the unrestricted players list (Transactions/Unrestricted Free Agents) and look for your prospects and claim them, IF YOU DON’T YOU MIGHT LOSE HIM/THEM, it’s your responsibility. After claiming them, you can ask the league (or not) to deactivate those who haven’t played 10 NHL games last year and leave them as prospects.

- No Signature, No Trade.

This above is REALLY IMPORTANT, if you don’t do it you might lose some good players, but more than that, if you don’t do it, you probably don’t care about your team, so you might just lose it too.

July 1st (Season 2013-14 starts).

New Rules – please check updated league’s rules

New financial system begins (see league’s rules)

*updated rules should be on the portal by the end of April.

Trade session reopens

Free agent market opens for all UFA/RFA not signed yet

Note: If you have intentions on bidding on a RFA, make sure you have the draft pick(s) available accordingly to the chart we have in the league’s rules.


August 26th – Rounds 1 & 2

August 27th – Rounds 3-4-5

You have to be present or to prepare a list for the drafts unless you traded all your picks (please read rules on this, severe fines for GMs not present).

Don't forget all updates now go on, you don't need to register to view the boards, but you need to if you want to write something, a NEW MESSAGE icon is also blinking when new articles are posted for people that are logged on. We send pretty much everything via emails and we will update as well with all important info, so '' I didn't know'' won't cut it gentlemen. Chicago's GM has lost his team last week for being under the salary floor and not correcting it. The fine was getting bigger every 48 hours, messages were sent in league's inbox and discussion board every 48 hours.... bankruptcy after 2 weeks.

Well that's it, i probably forgot something and / or some stuff will be modified along the way, we'll keep you posted. Email me or Paul with any question you may have or post them on the discussion boards.


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What's coming up - playoffs and summer 2013
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