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 Playoffs match up and vote for your team awards

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PostSubject: Playoffs match up and vote for your team awards   Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:30 pm

First, thanks for the great season gents!

It's now time to vote for your team awards, you have until the first playoff sim on Satruday (April13th) to do so. Go to your team page, then click Pro Team (Club Pro ), Awards (Trophée ), on your top right, click EDIT 2012 (modifier 2012), select your winners and click SUBMIT AWARD WINNERS.

It's now time for the real season! As mentionned in my previous email last week, standings on the portal don't necessary show the ROW (Regulation/Overtime wins) standings when 2 teams have the same amount of points... which is what we use to determine the real standings. That's why playoff match ups are not exactly the same as it should be if we look at the current portal standings.

Saturday April 13th


Ottawa vs Rangers
NJ vs TB
Toronto vs Buffalo
Islanders vs Boston


Wilkes-Barre vs Connecticut
Hershey vs Portland
Worcester vs Syracuse
St John's vs Bridgeport

Sunday April 14th


Columbus vs Detroit
Minnesota vs Dallas
St. Louis vs Colorado
Anaheim vs Phoenix


Lake Erie vs Rochester
Texas vs Milwaukee
Peoria vs Oklahoma
San Antonio vs Toronto

Good luck to all!!!
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Playoffs match up and vote for your team awards
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