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PostSubject: STANLEY CUP FINAL, NEW GMS AND 2013-14 LEAGUE'S RULES   Sat May 25, 2013 11:33 am

Alright guys, season's almost over.

Stanley Cup final will start on Saturday (Buffalo and Edmonton) if your AHL series goes the limit, game 7 will be played on Friday (with an extra rest day of course... and 3 rest days after the series). So if the final takes 7 games it'd end on May 31st.
Paul will sim the final.

Welcome to the new GMs;
Pittsubrgh: Sylvain
Winnipeg: Clayton (will take over the team after Tommy's playoffs run is over in the AHL)
Nashville: Alex
Chicago: Mika

All other GMs are back for season 3

Here's the rules for next season, including financial system, please read.... there's still some stuff that needs to be adjusted in there but that's pretty much it. You can load it directly from the link at the bottom ot the portal (PDF version and bilingual version)


1.1Code of Conduct

· GMs are expected to respond to ALL e-mail directed to them within 48 hours. If you will not be available for more than 48 hours, please edit your team status to let us know.
· GMs are expected to either attend all drafts or make sufficient arrangements to have your team taken care of for that draft if you cannot attend. Substantial fines for GMs who won’t take any dispositions for their team during the drafts. Fines can lead to bankruptcy and losing your team (see section 2.2.1)
· GMs are expected to send in lines after any injuries to your team or after any trades made. We always sim after 7PM ET.
· GMs are expected to keep their team financially viable. GMs will be fired if they go bankrupt; no questions asked (see section 2 about the Finances).
· GMs are expected to make trades that are in the best interest of their team. They must dress their best line-up absolutely NO TANKING. If TANKING occurs the GM will lose his top 2 draft picks. Any repeat offenders will be fired from the league.
· GMs are expected to be courteous in all dealings with their fellow GMs.

1.2 Fines

NOTE: You must use the e-mail page on the NHL-Sim website. If you use your own email software like Hotmail, Gmail or Outlook, you complaint will be void because we have no records to go by.
$1,000,000 fine for first time offenders
$2,500,000 for second time offenders
$5,000,000 or May Fired from the league

So please pay close attention to your e-mails!
If there is a valid reason we will reverse the 1st offense. We will not however reverse a fine more than once. We don’t expect you to be glued to the computer waiting for e-mails or we don’t expect you to write expect replies. We just hope that you do reply with at least simple “yes” or “no” answers. There is nothing more frustrating than sending out a trade request and not getting a reply.

2. Finances and salary cap

2.1Salary Restrictions

· 2013-14: The payroll will be $44.0 million at the lower limit and $64.3 million at the upper limit. Each club’s payroll will never be permitted to be below the minimum or in excess of the maximum at any point during the regular season. NOTE: On the portal, salary cap is 10% over the real salary cap found in the league’s rules. This is to let you sign contract extensions for the following year as the portal won’t let you do so if you are too close of the salary cap. During the off-season and pre-season there is no upper or lower limit to your clubs payroll. Any team in violation of the ceiling limit will have an initial fine of $500,000 and that fine will double every 48 hours until either the GM goes bankrupt. Any team in violation of the floor limit will have an initial fine of $500,000 and that fine will double every 48 hours until either the GM goes bankrupt.
· Individual contract floor is $550,000.
· The maximum player salary is 20 % of the club’s maximum upper limit of $64.3 million. $12.8 Millionall other amounts are to be considered signing bonuses. Any amounts above the max will be doubled and multiplied by the length of the contract. EX: Salary $56M for 4 years ($14M per year): $12.8M of normal salary and ((14 – 12.Cool *2)*4 = $9.6M in bonuses. This amount is automatically removed from your bank account. If a team doesn’t have enough funds he can’t sign the player.
· Max contract length, 4 years. Signature bonuses count toward the salary cap. If a player receives a signature bonus on a contract extension, it will be applied to the team’s salary cap on the first year of the contract. If the player is traded before the first year of the contract, the team who offered him the bonus still pays for it. If a no trade clause is offered to a player on a contract extension, it will only be effective on July 1st. Reminder: bankruptcy means losing your team, so be smart when offering contracts.
· When a new GM takes over a team at the beginning of the year, the GM will start at financial default ($30 M).
· Ticket prices can be changed at any time by simply using the STHS Client software.
· All arenas have been set to the same amount of seats, 18 000.

2.2 Financial system
The majority of your revenues are generated by selling tickets for your home games, this is affected by how good is your team and the price you fixed for your tickets. Starting in 2013-14, GMs will also receive financial compensation for their participation in the league. A non-active GM who’s not getting revenues for his participation will eventually face bankruptcy and lose his team. Every month (last Sunday) GMs will be paid according to their participation based on the following.

2.2.1 Revenues generated by GMs participation

-Regular season: submit roster/line up at least once a week (between Sunday 7 PM ET and the next one): $ 300k (season’s potential: $8.1 M).
-Submit in time team’s awards at the end of the season: $500k
-Vote for the All Star game: $1 M.
-Vote for the league’s awards at the end of the season - $1.5 M.
-Submitting an article on the portal (French or English): $400k. Real article, 2-3 lines won’t make it ;-). The league pays a maximum of 2 articles per month, up to a maximum of 7 for the year.

GM of the year - $5 M

Not considering the GM of the year award, teams can earn an extra $13.9 M by having an active GM, there’s no excuse for bankruptcy.

2.2.3 Fines

GMs who have draft picks and who won’t be present to the draft and won’t take dispositions for the draft (create list, ask somebody else to take care of it for them) will be fined.
First evening (rounds 1 and 2) - $4 M
Second evening (rounds 3-4-5) - $3 M
Of course, a GM who doesn’t have any pick left doesn’t have to show up at the draft.

3. Roster / Line Up

· There are roster minimums and maximums that the STHS simulator requires. There are also some requirements that the league requires. The roster requirements are:

Farm Team
60 Players
25 Players
35 Players
40 Players
20 Players
20 Players
Maximum Salary Cap
$64.3 Million
Minimum Salary Cap
$44.0 Million

· Everyone is responsible for their own team. If you do not meet the outlined number of players, the simulation will create automated lines for you at your expense.
· Once the season is over or your team eliminated from the playoffs, you can’t send players to the AHL.

3.1 Trades

· The trade deadline will be after 80% of the regular season. Three-way trades are NOT permitted as the simulator has no way to enter them. All trades will be handled through a form on the website. The league can decline a transaction if it’s judged too unfair for a team.
· All trades made by a new GM will have to be approved by the trade committee until the league considers the new GM capable of properly manage his team.
· Trades may involve any combination of:
o Players
o Prospects
o Draft Picks (up to 2 years away)
· Cash cannot be exchanged in any deals whatsoever.
· The GM is expected to do the research to make sure it’s a good deal. You may ask around to get others opinions. No deal will be reversed. So do your homework. Contract extensions are NOT showing up on players’ profiles unless you click the “contract” tab down below on a profile or by viewing his team’s finances page. Be careful when trading, check this first, you might go get a player with an awful contract extension that could hurt your team in the future.
· After a player has been traded, he cannot be traded back to his original team until the following season (July 1st). If a team trade to get a player he already owned in the same season and the league catch it in the first 24 hours following the trade, the team will pay a $2 million fine.
· All transactions must be approved by the league. After it has been approved by the league, a trade cannot be cancelled.
· At any time, a team must has at least one (1) first pick and one (1) second pick in the next 2 draft years or two (2) first picks in the next 2 draft years (they don't have to be your picks, can be other team's picks). You can trade pick(s) over the next 2 years allowed if they are conditional picks and that the condition will only be filled when the pick(s) will be available (next 2 draft years).
· A team must have at least 2 prospects in his prospect bank (unless prospects have been activated by the league, so it's ok between re-rates and the following draft).
· prorate 1/4 (no more than 4 elements; players, pick, prospect, against 1 element from the other team)
· Fire sale: the league might ask a GM to justify a trade, the league can void any transaction if it doesn't seem right, but that would be under extreme situation only.

3.2 Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA)

· Any player age 27 or older with an expiring contract is to be considered an unrestricted free agent.
· All UFA players not signed by June 15th will be completely free on July 1st (league is closed between June 15th and July 1st).
· We use the CONTRACT EXTENSION page on the website to sign the player (3 attempts). You can only renegotiate a contract on their final year. If all attempts to sign a player failed, the player will submit a list of teams where he would accept to sign a contract with. The player can still be traded to a team not on the list, but he won’t sign with that team. If a UFA is traded before his team used the 3 attempts or if traded to a team on his trade list, his new team will have 2 attempts to sign him. Unrestricted free agents are available via the website on July 1st. Each team may place a bid on the player. Other GMs have 24 hours to contest the free agent signing. Afterwards, it’s final.
· Maximum contract length: 4 years
Note: you cannot sign a UFA player in the portal’s unrestricted free agent list (players without a team) after the last day of the regular season.

3.3 Restricted Free Agents (RFA)

· Any player age 26 or younger with an expiring contract is to be considered a restricted free agent.
· To keep your rights on your RFAs, you must submit at least one (1) offer to his agent by June 15th.
· You will be allowed three attempts to resign your RFA. . If all attempts to sign a player failed, the player will submit a list of teams where he would accept to sign a contract with The player can still be traded to a team not on the list, but he won’t sign with that team. If the player is not traded, the team who owns him can still match all offers the player will receive after July 1st.
· Maximum contract length: 4 years
· July 1st, all GMs can make offers to RFAs, the team who originally own the player have one week to match or not the offer received. After the 3rd Monday of July, if a player did not receive any offers, the GM can ask the league to select a salary for the player in question following the trends in the league (one year contract). If the GM does not agree with the league decision, he can release the player to the UFA market. Same process will be used if all 3 attempts to sign a RFA failed and the player didn’t get any offers from other team after the 3rd Monday of July.

No Trade Clause: From the half of the season (all-star game) you can ask a player every 24 hours if he’d accept to be traded. There’s 20% of chance he’ll accept. He if agrees, he’ll provide a list of 1 to 8 team(s) where he’d like to be traded.

3.3.1 Qualifying offers

· If a team decides to make a qualifying offer for an RFA on another team during the off-season (before the next season) this is the compensation owed to that team by the qualifying team:
New Salary (per season)
$1,110 000 or below
Over $1,110 000 to $1,700 000
Third-round choice
Over $1,700 000 to $3,350 000
Second-round choice
Over $3,350 000 to $5,050 000
First-round and third-round choice
Over $5,050 000 to $6,700 000
First-round, second-round and third-round choice
Over $6,700 000 to $8,400 000
Two first-round choices, one second- and one third round choices
Over $8,400 000
Four 1st round picks

The team offering the compensation must have their picks available prior for the deal to go through (in the next two years). If the team making the offer has more draft picks than needed for the compensation, the team making the offer will decide what picks will be sent to the other team. The team owning the players rights will have up to 7 days to match the offer or they can choose to receive the compensation.

3.4 Rookies

· Any skater aged 26 or younger who has never played more than 10 games in any NHL-Sim season is classified as a rookie.

3.5 Prospects
· You can keep the prospect till the age of 26. Afterwards if he is still not activated by your team, you must release him.

· It can happen when the league is making a massive ratings Import that your prospect can end up being created. The league will ask you to check the free agent list to make sure your prospect is not in there. If he is, you have the option of ACTIVATING him to your roster or have him removed altogether. If you fail to notify us, another team can sign that player without any of us knowing. If you do so notice afterwards that you have the rights to that prospect, we will remove him from the other team. But you will have to pay the other team $2,000,000 out of your team’s bank if notified before December 1st. After this date you can still get him back for $2 M, but the other GM has to accept to let him go.

Round Selected Salary:
1st round (1-3) $800,000
1st round (4-10) $700,000
1st round (11-30) $650,000
2nd round $600,000
3rd round or greater is league minimum

3.5.1 Prospects activation

· Prospect activations can occur any time. The prospect must have played at least his 10th professional (NHL/AHL) game in a season in the real world. At that time he is considered a professional. If the GM wishes to activate the prospect he must notified the commissioner of the league. They will start with a salary from section “Prospect contracts” for three years. The newly activated player’s rates will be created by using a combination of the rating tool and both commissioners’ opinions.
· Any prospect that played 10 games or more during the previous season in the NHL/AHL will automatically be activated by the league.

General Managers can notify the league to activate any prospect that played 1 through 9 games during the previous season.

4. Schedule

Note : In 2013-14,we might adopt the new NHL divisions or we might keep 15 teams on each side, sending Winnipeg in the West and Detroit or Columbus in the East, if we do this, we won’t follow the regular NHL schedule.

4.1 Pre Season Schedule

· The length of the preseason schedule will be 8 to 10 games. Including 2 games against each team in their division.

4.2 Regular season schedule

· The length of the regular-season schedule will remain at 82 games. We will follow the NHL schedule if we switch to the new NHL divisions.

· 1- Wins (ROW): Most total wins among the tied teams, EXCLUDING games won in the shootout.
· 2- Head-to-Head Record: Most points in games against each other among the tied teams.
· 3- Goal Differential: Using the total goals scored during the regular season, the greater positive differential between goals for and against among the tied teams.

4.3 Playoffs

· The playoffs will consist of 8 teams from each conference for a total of 16 teams. The top team in each division will be seeded 1, 2 and 3 and then the 5 next best teams will be seeded 4 through 8.

5. Managing Rosters/Line up

Every season starts on July 1st and ends June 15th. During the last weeks of June, we load re rates, contract extensions, work on position changes, buyouts, etc… All contract signatures have to be done before June 16th. No trade allowed between June 16th and June 30th.
5.1 Players’ Positions

· The web sites considered valid for position change referencing are:
o WayMoreSports:
o Forcaster:
· In order to request a position change you must send an email to the commissioner requesting the change and listing a link to the page you are referencing for the position change.
· A player may play at a different position but he’ll be less efficient.
· Every summer, we are going back to default positions, so if needed, you’ll need to submit position changes again.

5.2 Submitting Lines

· You will be able to upload your lines through a form on the website. If you have invalid lines, the STHS simulator will auto fix your lines. If you have too many injuries that prevent the auto fix to happen, the league will auto-create a player with a 50 rating to allow the simulation to proceed. Then you will be fined for not taking care of your team. See fines at the beginning of the document. Send lines by 7 PM ET. They can be sent after 7 PM but there’s no guarantee they’ll be used that evening.

5.3 Waivers

· If you attempt to place a waiver eligible player in the minors other GMs will have until 48 hours from the time to claim the player off waivers. The team who makes a claim with the lowest win % at the end of the 48 hours will win the rights to the player. All players, 27 or older have to go through the waivers to be sent to the minors. All players with a contract of $2 million or more can NOT be sent to the minors.

5.4 Buy-outs

o If a team wishes to terminate a player’s contract they will have to buy-out 100% the remainder of the money the player is signed for, this goes toward the salary cap.
o If the buy-out is done before the last game of the team, it will count toward the current season salary cap. After the last game of the season, it goes to the following year.
o In the Month of June, the teams may buy out players at a lower percentage.
o Under the age of 26 at the time of termination, the buyout amount is 1/3rd the remaining value
o 26 or older at the time of termination, the buyout amount is 2/3rd the remaining value

Any players who retire before July 1st will receive the inactive rate for the following season.
If the player after July 1st, he’ll keep his regular rate until the end of the following season.
Even if a player retires, he stays in your line up for all the remaining seasons to his contract unless you buy him out.
Retired players buy-outs also count toward the salary cap.
You will have to pay a % of the remaining contract. It should be noted that this amount will be added on the team payroll for the next season.
34 yo or less, 0%
35 or 36 yo, 50%
37 or older, 100%

A player who retires before July 1st and who doesn’t have a contract for the following season is deleted from the league.

5.5 Non Active players’ rates

Any player who leaves the NHL and does not return to the NHL by the next season will become an in-active player. If that player does not have their contract extended by the general manager, he will be erased from the league. If the player still has 1 or more years left on their contract, the league will set their ratings to the default of 20-25overall and the team will have the choice to keep him on the payroll and wait for their return or they may buy out their contract.

5.6 Re Activating a Player

Any player who has at least three NHL seasons played and is only away for one season and returns, can have ratings built based on his previous three NHL seasons at 80%. Any player who does not meet the above criteria, can be added to the league but with a default rating of 50 for all ratings.

6. Entry Draft

· The Entry Draft will consist of 5 rounds. It always falls after the NHL’s annual Entry Draft is completed.
· Picks will be in reverse order of the year ending standings with the Stanley Cup Champion being bumped down to the last pick and the division winners falling in after the Cup winner (for the first round only).
· The lottery, to determine which team will draft 1st overall, will be based on the real NHL. As an example, if the team that was supposed to draft 3rd overall in the real NHL wins the lottery, the team that was supposed to draft 3rd overall in our league, will draft 1st too.
· Any player who was taken in a NHL entry draft, is under the age of 20 and has yet to be drafted by the SIMHL is eligible to be drafted. The league will draft for any unmanaged teams by picking the next highest drafted player for that unmanaged team.
· Each season, each team is eligible to receive 5 draft picks.
· New GM(s) taking over a team in our league will receive a first round pick at the end of the first round if the team in question missed the playoffs the year before and if they don’t have a first round pick (The player selected can not be traded before the end of the following draft next season).

· GMs are required to attend the Entry Draft or make arrangements for another GM to draft for them or send in a list to the commissioner to draft from. Not taking care of your team for a draft is grounds for immediate removal from the league.

7. Re-rates

· Much like the player activations, all the players within the league will have their ratings updated at the beginning of each season.
Rerates are based mainly on real NHL-AHL performance but there is also a smaller portion of the ratings calculation based on proven history and overall talent. Some anomalies are possible with the re-rate tool and the commissioners reserve the right to modify any rate they see fit. Rerates are based on real NHL performances.

· Hiring of coaches will be done in the reversal order of the initial draft. When firing a coach, 100% of his remaining salary will be paid out. Coaches’ salaries do not count toward the salary cap. Maximum salary allowed to coach can’t exceed $2 million / year
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